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What do architects do?
What is a Contractor?
What is a sub-contractor?
Do I need Planning Permission?
What is the Planning Application Process?
What are Building Regulations?
Do I need to apply for Building Regulation Approval?
Do I need a Health and Safety Plan?
Do I need a Health and Safety Officer?
Do I have to employ an architect?
Why should I employ one?
What does it cost?
Will I see a return on that money?
Do you guarantee that I will get planning permission?
Do you offer a “no foal - no fee” charging structure?
Does the architect supervise the work?
Will my building comply with the building regulations?
Do I need a Fire Certificate?
Do I need a BER Cert?
Do I need an Accessibility Certificate?
What is a Protected Structure?
Is my building a Protected Structure?
Can I have my building removed from the Register of Protected Structures?
Are there grants available for repairs to Protected Structures?
What has Cathal O’Neill Architects done?
Yes, but what style do you do?
Do you do “sustainable”?
Are there grants available for energy conservation measures?
What’s wrong with pattern book plans?