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St Peter the Apostle, Neilstown Parish Church

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The site of this new parish church is a large open green space in an area which had a reputation, sadly, for vandalism. The building is in the form of a Greek temple, a single rectangular block with a flat roof supported at its periphery on columns and overhanging the external walls to form a continuous portico. The main chapel is enclosed by high block walls and is lit exclusively by rooflights over the sanctuary and entrance points. Freestanding columns define the seating area and direct the congregation towards the bright sanctuary area dominated by the centrally placed Tabernacle. A small day chapel is located behind the main church separated by a screen wall containing a Tabernacle accessible from both sides thus unifying the liturgical purpose.

The altar tapestry was designed and made by the artist , M. Dillon and the president's chair was designed Vico Magistretti.Cathal O'Neill designed the building, assisted by Anthony J Hickie.