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Dean Hotel
Harcourt St, Dublin, 2011–2013

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This building is a pastiche Georgian-style office building occupying three plots in the middle of Harcourt Street’s nightclub area. Have been vacant for some years during the recession, it was decided to apply for night club use in the basement, partly using the large basement level, but open-air, car park to the rear as smoking area. Permission was refused but appealed. While the appeal was ongoing we suggested that the vacant offices with a large open plan office building to the rear, might be used as a hotel. We were duly instructed to apply for this change of use which was granted permission. Shortly afterwards our appeal against the night club refusal was granted. The following year we were commissioned to design the restaurant building with a roof terrace to the front on the existing flat roof to the rear, and again obtained permission.

The hotel is regularly featured in international publications as a must-see attraction in Dublin, with the panoramic views form Sophie’s bar usually receiving special mention.